Consequences of prejudices and stereotypical thinking

If we have a positive prejudice against someone, we will treat them nicely and more in their favor. If we adjust our opinion based on some negative experience, we might not be so friendly towards them anymore. We could also be disappointed, but that is not the fault of prejudice.

The bigger problem lies in negative prejudices, stereotypes and labels. What could be caused by them?

  • We see a particular person through a prejudice, stereotype, or a label in a simple way, typically we only notice what the prejudice tells us. But the personality of a person is both moldable and rich.
  • Thanks to a prejudice, we might judge someone too quickly, assume a negative stance towards them and then act accordingly to that.
  • People who are the target of prejudices are then in a worse position in society: it is harder to find a job, they tend to be lonely and they often become the target of bullying and aggression.
  • Similarly, whole groups of people are subjected to being viewed through prejudices, labels, and stereotypes.
  • In-between labeled groups, we can often find grudges, sometimes even hate, which can easily grow into aggression.

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