Vietnamese people

What do people think of their fellow Vietnamese citizens?

  • they eat dogs and rice
  • they work at their little shops
  • they grow marijuana

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

Vietnamese grow marijuana, slaughter dogs and take our jobs. Unfortunately, there are many more prejudices which for some reason engraved themselves into minds of many people. But where did they come from? Some don’t have very sound bases, they are taking our jobs? They live and work here. Any one of us can go and take a job offer. There are jobs which almost anyone could do. Despite that, they are empty. Why are they not occupied by ,,our” people? Vietnamese people eating dogs? Well, in their home country, eating a dog is not considered something abnormal. But they now live here and see that the relations between dogs and their owners are on a different level. And them growing marijuana? Yes, they can. Just like people from Slovakia, people with canaries or collectors of Monchhichi. The fact that you belong to a certain culture or nation doesn’t mean you should immediately be labeled by formed prejudices, like love for drugs or cruelness towards our four legged friends. Just like it is not a reason for locals to address them as friends. Unfortunately virtually every Vietnamese person has met with this issue. Each one of us is original and the color of our skin or the place we’re from doesn’t play a role in it.

 Did you know that

  • official name of the ethnicity is Kinh?
  • their greeting is holdings hands while slightly bowing towards each other?
  • one of their legends says no-one should set on a travel on the third day of each month?
  • the family is for Vietnamese in the first place? If they work abroad they send their earnings back home as thanks for their care and love.
  • the whiter their skin, the more attractive Vietnamese women feel?
  • Vietnamese are amongst the world’s hardest working nations?