People with tattoos

Source: Tereza Bušová

What do people think about tattooed people?

  • they are dirty
  • they got their tattoos in prison
  • they use drugs
  • they are aggressive and dangerous

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

Some people with tattoos may have trouble looking for a job or they have to hide their skin. This is the case for waiters in restaurants or cafes. Police may also encounter problems with tattoos, whenever they are in uniform, their tattoos must not be visible.

Did you know that

  • the disgust with tattoos may come from the fact that they were used as marking for slaves during the antiquity and later, in World War II. for prisoners in Oświęcim?
  • Are tattoos explicitly forbidden in Bible? “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.” (Leviticus, 19-28) The reasoning behind that was that it used to be a pagan ritual which was seeping into Israel. Pagans pledged their allegiance to their gods with tattoos.
  • some young Israelis get tattoos of numbers of their ancestors who were in Oświęcim?
  • the first tattoo was discovered on a 5300-year-old mummy Ötzi? It has symmetrical dots and lines. It might not have been for an ornamental reason, the incisions might have had medical reasons. They match the spots where Ötzi had developed arthritis.
  • you need to wait 6 months after getting a tattoo to donate blood?
  • an American Molly Ortwein started an association P.INK which helps women who lost their breasts due to amputation find motives or contacts for professional tattooers?
  • Czech project Tattoolerance focuses on tattooed people and the acceptance of their appearance in society? On their website, you can find stories of people with tattoos, usually with two photographs. One with their marks hidden by clothing and one with visible tattoos.
  • one man from Brazil had his dog tattooed?