People with dreadlocks

Source: Tereza Bušová

What do people think about people with dreadlocks?

  • they’re dirty
  • they don’t wash their hair and have lice
  • they smoke marijuana
  • they listen to reggae

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

Prejudices against people with dreadlocks are based on misinformations about hygiene regarding dreadlocks. It is recommended to not wash your new dreadlocks for up to a month, to not un-tangle them, but it is not an obligation. After the hair sets in, it can be washed with regular shampoos. If people think that dreadlocks have to be dirty, people wearing them might be secluded from society. Sometimes even physically attacked. In the year 2008, one man from Brno had his nose broken because of his friend’s dreadlocks.

Did you know that

  • new US army regulations from the year 2017 allow female soldiers to have dreadlocks? The hair must be properly taken care of and inconspicuous.
  • fashion designer Marc Jacobs was accused of racism because of his dreadlocks? At one of his fashion shows, he let his models, who were mostly Caucasian, wear dreadlocks. For some that symbolized racism, because of the lack of people of different races. But Jacobs denied this claim.
  • woman of the Himba tribe create their dreadlocks with mud? They mark girls who have begun menstruating with them, thus becoming women.
  • the shortest time to make dreadlocks tends to be around 8 hours?