People who are an only child

Source: Tereza Bušová

What do people think about people who were an only child?

  • they are spoiled
  • they are selfish
  • they are self-centered
  • they are asocial
  • they know are know-it-all’s

 Did you know that

  • the firstborn and only children go to university most often? They are not smarter, they just tend to study more easily. They identify more with their parents.
  • the problematic of positions between siblings were first studied by Alfred Adler? He didn’t process them systematically. He only described the situation of the oldest, second oldest and youngest siblings, an only child and also the relationship of a brother of sisters.
  • if the age difference between siblings is more than 6 years there is not much of a rivalry? Both siblings become quasi-only children.
  • the firstborns can often have similar features to only children, especially perfectionism tends to be exaggerated in the former rather than the latter.