Source: Jakub Hlaváč

What do people think about gays?

  • men who wear pink T-shirts are gay
  • they demand more and more privileges from the society
  • every man who takes care of himself is gay
  • they are clumsy at sports (such as football)
  • they constantly hold hands and make out in public

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

Gambia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Barbados, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. Those are just some of the countries where homosexuality (homosexual relations to be specific) is punishable by death. Close behind those are countries where this act is punished by beating, jail or fine.

Even in the Czech Republic where gays and lesbians don’t have to be afraid of the death penalty or incarceration, they can constantly face attacks, hate mail or discrimination. For example, the death of Filip Havlicek (14) who committed suicide by hanging himself in February of 2014 spurred discussion on the topic of homophobia in our country. Cases, where an individual can’t take homophobic remarks or straight up physical attacks, are not rare. Some decide to take their own life, some ,,just” blame themselves and hide their orientation for their whole life.

Did you know that

  • in several countries, homosexuality is punishable by death? It is, for example, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Yemen, Iran, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.
  • according to research by Alfred Kinsey published in the book Sexual behavior of the human male (1948), there are 4% of homosexual men? This number became the symbol of homosexual minority. According to recent research, this number is vastly undervalued.
  • in our country, people of the same sex can conclude a civil union since 2006?
  • the first person who underwent sex change was an American Christine Jorgensen (George William Jorgensen before the change) in 1952?
  • first Pride parades took place in 1970? Specifically in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • amongst famous gays are for example director Zdenek Troska, singer George Michael and actor Ian McKellen?
  • the famous rainbow flag had eight stripes at first? Pink color had to be scraped because of the inability to create this color. Turquoise color was removed because of the fact that the flags needed to be hung half and half which is hard to do with seven stripes.
  • there are people convinced that Hurricane Sandy in the USA and floods in the Great Britain were God’s punishments for allowing homosexuals to get married?

Aggregation – would you like to find out more?

Homosexuality is legal in the Czech Republic since 1962. There are countries where same-sex relations were legalized much later. Nonetheless, there are still some bright examples. For example in Luxembourg, homosexuality has been legal ever since 1795.

Andrew Hozier-Byrne known as Hozier is an Irish musician. In 2013 he sang a song Take Me to Church who won him a Grammy Award and an MTV Europe Music Award. Lyrically it’s a metaphor comparing homosexual lovers to religion. The music video itself is shot in black and white, adding a somber atmosphere to the song. The story of the video is about two gay men who hide their love but are eventually discovered and persecuted.