What do people thinks about autists?

Source: Jakub Hlaváč

  • they have behavioral troubles
  • they don’t talk
  • they are not independent

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

Autism is a form of an inborn psychological disorder, it is one of the disorders from the autistic spectrum. Autists tend to have stereotypical behavioral patterns and they have problems communicating. This disorder usually shows signs before the third year, around half a percent of the population suffers from it and boys are four times more likely to develop it than girls are. Causes of autism are unknown. The disorder has different symptoms in different people, some mild forms of autism might never be diagnosed.

If an autist has a mild form of autism and is able to live independently, he often has trouble with looking for a job. They have worse short-term memory and multitasking is also very hard. On the other hand, their long-term memory tends to be better than the memory of a healthy individual. That’s why they are very good at programming, web design, drawing or manual repairs.

Did you know that

  • the movie Rain Man by director Barry Levinson brought autism into the light? This picture about an autist with a memory of a genius, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, won four Oscars.
  • in the Czech Republic, there is a project Autism at work? Czech branches of the company SAP has employed several autists in regular work positions.
  • Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist, can remember details of buildings in just 20 minutes of flying over them and can draw them later? He once drew the New York City on a six-metre long paper.