What do people think of abstinents?

Source: Tereza Bušová

  • they are recovering alcoholics
  • they don’t know how to have fun
  • they are boring
  • they are uptight
  • they don’t tolerate others drinking

Experiences and Consequences

What can this type of thinking and judging lead to?

If someone says they drink, our society considers him normal. When they say they don’t, they could be excluded from the social group and considered a strange anomaly. Of course, there are medical reasons that could stop someone from drinking such as pregnancy or being addicted to it in the past. But when one doesn’t have any reason like this, he is judged as boring and unable to have fun. That’s not true. There is no correlation between drinking alcohol and having fun. There are people who can have fun even with no alcohol in their veins.

Did you know that

  • there is a subculture connected to hardcore punk called Straight edge (shortened sXe)? This social movement rejects any drugs (legal ones such as alcohol and cigarettes and illegal ones) and also promiscuous sex. That’s not to say they don’t have fun, see video below.
  • 2,6% of people in Czech Republic older than 15 years don’t drink?
  • many famous people have abstained from alcohol. Notorious examples are Albert Einstein, Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, Dalailama, Henry Ford or Kate Beckinsale.
  • president T.G. Masaryk was part of the Czech abstainers union and claimed that ,,Future belongs to sober”?
  • Seneca said: ,,Inebriation is voluntary madness.”?
  • there are festivals around the US where all the drinks are served with no alcohol?