Encyklopedia of Prejudices

Prejudices are in us and all around us. They are rushed, usually negative judgments of people and situations, based on stereotypical and uncontrolled thinking. People who perceive the world through prejudices are cultivating a negative and narrowed view of it, where everyone else is weird.

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The following statements don’t reflect our opinions towards the mentioned groups. They rather illustrate prejudices that we have gathered within the Nesud.cz project. It would be good start each following statement with the prefix:

“Some people say, that…”


Abstinents ​are recovered alcoholics, they are boring, lame, don’t know how to have fun.

People suffering from ​AIDS ​can infect others by mere touch.

Autists ​do not talk and have behavioral troubles.


Bald ​people are skinheads.

Blondes ​are dumb, sleep with their boss, work as a secretary, no one really likes them.

Bookworms ​aren’t familiar with technology and they live in an old world.


Dog Owners​ like dogs more than other people.

People with Dreadlocks ​don’t wash their hair, have lice and smoke marijuana.

People who suffer from ​Dyslexia ​are just lazy to check their grammar.


Fat people​ are lazy.


Gays ​wear pink shirts, hold their hands and kiss passionately in public.

People who wear ​Glasses ​are intelligent.

Gypsies ​don’t work, steal and are violent.


The ​Homeless ​stink and they drink through the gifted money.


Introverts ​hate people and don’t leave their house.

IT Guys​ wear glasses, are asocial and have acne.


Journalists ​lie and manipulate with people.


Kids ​are cheeky, ill- mannered and are corrupted by electronic devices.


Lesbians ​are girls with short hair and are usually ugly. One of them is a girl in the relationship, the other on is the boy.


Only men can be ​Mathematicians​.

Muslims ​are terrorists and at home, they beat their scarf wearing wives.


People who are an Only Child​ are spoiled.


Rednecks ​can’t behave and have limited capabilities.

Residents of Prague​ are selfish and arrogant.

Russians ​living in the Czech Republic are constantly under influence and they don’t know how to behave.


Seniors ​are irritated, aggressive and haughty towards younger generations.

People who are longterm ​Single ​are uninteresting, ugly and weird.

Skinny ​people don’t eat and suffer from anorexia.

Specifically dressed people​ (eg. wearing all black) are goths, emos, metalheads, and Satanists.


Tall people​ always play basketball.

People with ​Tattoos ​are criminals.

Trade school graduates​ are dumb.


Ukrainians ​are taking our jobs.

Unemployed ​people just don’t want to work and they fake their illnesses.


Video gamers​ tend to be violent.

Vietnamese people eat only dogs with rice, they work at their shops and grow marijuana.

Vegans​ eat dandelions, they hate meat-eaters, feed their dog vegan diet and pour red color over people.


Writers ​are poor, unemployed introverts who are locked up at their writing desk.

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