About the Project

Web project Nesuď.cz is created within the project P2P: Challenging Extremism. It is an initiative supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the social website Facebook. Our goal is to create a campaign which can ,,combat extremism” on a local, Czech level.“.

Our team from The College of Media and Journalism of Prague chose prejudices and stereotypes as the target of their fight. Those could be the seeds of dangerous extremism in the future. The core of our project will be the Encyclopedia of prejudices where we try to capture common prejudices which circle among us, analyze them and add real statements from people who are touched by those stereotypes.

With our project, we would like to warn of the dangers of prejudices and encourage not to judge from the first look. The name ,, Nesud” could be rewritten as ,, Ne-sud” (where sud translates to a barrel) is a reference for us to stop being hollow and empty but rather filled with tolerance and knowledge about the importance of our differences instead.

If you’d like to help us in our fight against prejudices in any way, let us know: